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Female Nude I, 2005, 0.9m x 0.7m

£400 for original

For prints, contact me for prices

This is a nude self portrait, where I had become fascinated with not only the skin but also what lies beneath it - muscle, tendons, bone, joints, fat. Having qualified as a vet I had done the anatomy of a animals, but I bought the clinical atlas of humans. So I was exploring the internal make up of our bodies in certain places of this work.

I was also experimenting with texture and added soil to the dark blue I used as the background. This of course is frowned on in the art world, but I cooked the soil in the oven beforehand to get rid of anything biologically active. Quite a few years later and this painting still looks as it did!

Press + or - to look more closely at the painting 
Click on the painting and move it around

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