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Apology please

You may well have noticed that I’ve put the posts on my sister back up, removing her identity.

The sole reason for this is that I’m not trying to bad mouth her and start an argument. Or try and tarnish her reputation on social media – far from it. If it wasn’t for the deterioration in our relationship then I’d admire her for what she’s done.

I’m sure I’ll be referring to her many times on this page but for now I’m going to explain where things have been left for now.

She has demanded an apology from me. For having my brain injury.

I need to apologise to her for having my brain injury.

Let’s stop there and think about that…

I must apologise for the upset that my injury caused to her and her family when it happened.

She demanded this from me back in 2013. At that point I was incredibly angry with her. I point blank refused, saying how nobody else had asked for that from me. That my life had been stopped in its tracks. That I was struggling to make sense of it all.

However, a decade on I felt differently. She still asks for the apology, saying that was the only way that anything could be salvaged, whatsoever.

So I thought about it. Would it be possible to write an apology that I would be comfortable with, in order to remedy our relationship?

So, I spent many days writing it, chopping and changing words and phrases, until I had finished. I showed it to my close friends and Paul. Paul said to me that nothing I write will ever be enough for her.

I sent it

He was exactly right

It was not only not enough for her, it sent her into a spin of hatred and aggression.

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