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Back to my job?

So, early in 2009 my boss at Melbourne Uni was hoping I could start working back in the lab, to finish my work contract. It felt like a great idea, but the Uni said it wasn't possible.

I was a little disappointed, but tried to get a job close to where we lived, as we were a little short. We were lucky enough to live between two great streets in Fitzroy - Brunswick Street and Smith Street.

So I altered my CV to only include my experience in shops and cafes - it ended up being a short number (!) - and I wandered into shops to try and sell myself. Nothing came of it, but it was worth a try!

Oh and when I got back to Glasgow, my friend Jane, who was head of teacher and learning at Glasgow Uni, said she understood why Melbourne Uni wouldn't take me on again as I was a liability. Hmmm, great.

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