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Before and after gastric sleeve op

So. What was it like before my gastric sleeve op and after it?

Beforehand, food, and very fatty tasty food was really important in my life. I would order it online and if I couldn’t do that, I’d get in the car and go to the shops. I’d lie in order to do that and I’m not proud of it.

Once I’d got hold of it, I would sit myself down in front of the telly and watch something good while eating.

Afterwards I’d feel disgusting and horrible. I’d say to myself I’d never do it again. Until the next time of course.

When I was dieting, I used to dread getting on the scales, whether it was at a dietary meeting or on my own. Most of the time it was not good news and it would make me feel sick. It would ruin the rest of the day for me and make me feel hopeless in the situation.

I felt so low about it, I used to dress in the same baggy, dowdy clothes every single day, no matter what. When they were dirty I’d wash them then put them straight back on.

Once the op had been done, it took me a couple of weeks to realise that things felt different. I didn’t feel hopeless and helpless any more. What was amazing was that I no longer felt hungry, so I had no desire to eat sugary and fatty extra food. In fact once I was back to eating again, the volumes I could eat without over facing myself, was tiny!

But I felt (and still do) on a mission to get rid of the weight on me.

Now, whenever I get on the scales, I’ve lost weight, and lost a surprising amount each time. It used to make me day and make me actually feel…wait for it…happy!

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