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Candy Crush Saga!?

When it comes to technology I think I was born under a rock. Back in 2010 I couldn't get over the fact that I could load an app on my phone, press my screen and control it! I was amazed.

I downloaded Candy Crush Saga and I couldn't believe my eyes. I played it whenever I could, which was all the time. I even took it to bed and played it just before I slept.

Then I downloaded Candy Crush Soda Saga. Then I downloaded Wordscapes, Connect Dots, Solitaire.

I played it whenever I could, which was all the time. I even played it when I got into bed before I slept.

Paul used to get annoyed with me about it. He said that my mind was always elsewhere when I was playing on my phone. That I wasn't paying attention to real life. I used to get angry with him and shout.

It was an ongoing issue between us.

I remember talking to my counsellor who specialises in people with brain injuries. Describing the fall outs we have about it. How he almost belittles me for bothering with the apps. I'll never forget her reply

"So Lucy, tell me how you feel when you play Candy Crush?"

"Well I can spend ages playing the same level over and over again until I nail it and move up the the next level"

"...and how does that make you feel?"

"It actually makes me feel brilliant, embarrassingly, a sense of achievement"

"Maybe that's why you play it Lucy, because it makes you feel good?"

And you know I think she's right. Apparently a lot of TBI survivors plays games like this for that very reason.

You know, after I told Paul about this he stopped mentioning it. I still play it a lot and with some apps - Wordscapes - it makes me feel that it acts like some stimulation to keep my head working, while I'm in this unemployed state just now.

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