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Daily life once home...

I've been trying to think back as to what it was like when I was home after my TBI. I had my appointments with the Talbot Rehab, but for the rest of my time at home I slept.

Paul would get up for work, I'd say goodbye and go back to sleep. Got up for lunch then went back to bed. Got up when he came home and we spent the night chilling, then we'd go to bed. Notice a pattern?!

Occasionally I'd go and meet friends for lunch, including @cathopillar at work. I'd walk in, pick up my own lunch, usually sushi (god I wish Glasgow sold the same stuff!) and go eat in the Pharmacology coffee room where people used to have lunch.

I have a memory of this. @cathopillar and I were eating with friends at the table. A few girls came in, and one of them looked over. They started whispering, nipped out and came back with a couple of others. Then they carried on getting their lunch.

What I find strange is that at the time, it didn't even occur to me that they might be looking at me. But I suppose I looked strange with my hair short at the front but long at the back. I'm guessing it'll have been common knowledge that I fell on a works night out. So was it? Who knows...

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