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Ever heard of author Julia Donaldson?

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Now I'll be honest to you guys, I'd never heard of Julia Donaldson until I'd had my little boy and he started reading her most famous book The Gruffalo. It's a brilliant story, with brilliant pictures and has been made into a fantastic little film.

What I found out recently, is part of the backstory to the book. Mrs Donaldson used to live in Glasgow with her husband and three sons. Her eldest boy Hamish had schizoaffective disorder and used to have an imaginary friend : the Gruffalo was inspired by this. Julia was half way through writing the book when Hamish took his own life at the age of 25. She was naturally devastated and thought she'd abandon writing the story that had been so inspired by him. When she suggested this to one of her other sons he insisted she finish it, so she did.

She's spoken about how finishing that book helped her to deal with her grieving for Hamish. About how the process of writing itself was in someway healing for her and inspirational. I suppose this story looks at how using creativity can be helpful at hard times in your life, gives you direction, maybe gives you courage. Knowing this, makes me enjoy watching the film all the more with my son - he loves it too!

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