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"Get on the road!"

...and another thing. Anyone who knows the West End of Glasgow will get what I'm talking about here. Having got up and got dressed, I went on a short walk to go and pick up a coffee from Tinderbox on Byres Road.

There was a lady a bit ahead of me, both of us walking on the pavement you can see in the shot. A lad on a bike swerved really close to me and as he passed her, she overbalanced and had to flail her arms to hold herself up.

Without thinking I yelled

"for fucks sake get on the road, you shouldn't be on the fuckin' pavement!!!"

he turned his head to the side and screamed

"fuck off you stupid bitch"

I was then shaking and struggling to walk straight. So I concentrated on getting to the coffee shop and being normal. This happened a few times when I got home to Glasgow - Nicola spent our time talking about how I could stop and think before I react...

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