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Home from Talbot!

So, my week staying in Talbot was very helpful, but of course I was looking forward to getting back home for Christmas in my own house. So I packed up my belongings and we drove home. To our little house, our comfy bed and my lovely big brick wall with my triptych on!

I was given a raised toilet seat to help me sit down and get up from the toilet. I hated it. It embarrassed me. Am I a disabled person? Oh for goodness sake I’m not going to use it, I don’t need to. But you know what, it helped. I was weak, I don’t think I realised how weak I was.

So my new schedule began. Paul would get up in the morning for work. I’d say goodbye and then go straight back to sleep, with my alarm set for lunchtime. I’d then get up, make myself lunch then wander back into bed. When Paul came home from work, I’d then get up properly. We’d cook dinner, drink wine, watch telly and relax. We would then go to bed and it’d all start again…

I had a diary from Talbot with appointments booked into it. So either Paul or my parents would run me in and out during the day.

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