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Hospital reception

Not long after I had woken from my coma, I was able to leave my bed, and with my mum's supportive hold, I was able to slowly totter small distances.

One day I had ventured down to reception. Suddenly, with a sense of

urgency, my mum spoke.

"Can you do something for me? Can you walk on your own, towards the doors - would you be able to do that?"

"Errr OK"

"You can go as slowly as you want..."

So, I slowly and very carefully walked towards the doors. When I turned around, I could see that she was talking to a doctor - both of them observing me. When I started walking back to my mum, the doctor disappeared.

I found out later what was going on. That doctor, when I was unconscious, said to my mum that if I wake, then I will never be able to walk out of this hospital. When he saw me, he got upset. He said to my mum that he would never say that to any of his patients again.

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