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I'm naughty

I have a confession to make. Sometimes when I'm on Facebook, I look at the photos of friends of friends. Why? Is it because I'm just a plain old nosey parker? Well yeah I admit that a bit, but it's more that I'm inquisitive. Honestly!

So I was doing that yesterday and came to a photo that stopped me in my tracks. Remember I talked about how on the day of my TBI I played football for my department against another at Melbourne Uni - which I can't remember at all? Well I found a few shots of it, and I actually appeared in one of them as you can see.

We were supposed to wear red tops for the match and the only one I could find was my husband's South Yarra football top with red writing.

I'm always quite afraid of something like this, as I worry that it could trigger memories of that day. But this photo hasn't I'm glad to say...

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