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Last minute change to my plan...

Here I am. It's Friday and I've been excited since yesterday for the weekend. When mummy, daddy and our boy will spend the day together, Jack goes to his swimming lesson, we go to the park or for a drive in the lovely weather. Come home and watch Ninja Warriors with our boy while he eats his dinner in front of the telly. Then once Jack is in bed, we get a takeaway and have a drink to relax. All good.

Or is it?

Paul told me this morning that he's going to a beer festival all day tomorrow. That's put my head in a downward spiral today where I'm puling out of life and am miserable.

Altering my plans quickly, at short notice since my TBI is really hard for me now. It takes me ages to bounce back from it. Yes, I could make new plans with other people, but I'm in a grump, so it's not going to happen.

As Paul has just said to me, Jack will miss out as a result. Is it possible for me to give myself a shake and get back on track?

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