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Losing my science research career...

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m currently with my parents, husband and little boy eating and drinking in the usual way we do!

I’ve just finished this book Shallow Graves by Roy Fysh. He’s a forensic scientist who worked on the serious crimes in the UK – Sarah Payne, 7/7 and Billie Jo Jenkins. At the end of the book he wrote about how the government closed his laboratory down and how devastated he was, as he loved his job so much. That rang a bell with me, reminding me how my TBI ended my career too, researching the brain. I am still really sad about this over 15 years on and I had an idea. Maybe if I wrote about it, it could help me to feel better about having to give it up. So I’m thinking I’ll write on here about it to see if it does…

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