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Medical emergency necklace

While rooting through my minimal jewellery I stumbled across this. We decided when in Melbourne that it's be a good idea to have this around my neck when we travelled in Africa.

So that if I was on my own and started suffering from difficulties then I would have info on me to help someone who found me.

Dear god.

This is what it says in tiny writing :


I use Keppra 2 x 500mg/day


Typhoid (08/09), polio (12/02), Hep B (01/03), rabies (10/06), Jap B (12/02), Hep A (08/06), ADT (12/02), Yellow F (08/09), Flu (08/09)


TBI (09/08) – coma 21 days – hospitalised to 11/08 – rehab 11/08 – 08/09 – craniotomy 09/08 – seizure 04/09 resulting in broken pelvis


Ongoing issues – osteoporosis, quadrant – aponia, lost smell, all treatment in St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne and Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre Melbourne

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