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Now then. When I first got to Melbourne I knew I’d know nobody socially. So I thought up a few different ways of making friends.

Firstly I went on MySpace to see if I could find anyone in Melbourne that I had things in common with. MySpace eh, remember those days?!

I also wrote fliers, I suppose you’d call them, and put them on shop walls. Art supply shop walls. I came across one recently and it talked about loving art, enjoying making art and asking if there was anyone who felt the same way. When I think about it now it amazes me that I did that, but I did!

Finally, I started a MeetUp group, calling it the Melbourne Painters. The point of it of course was to see if others in the city would join it, we could meet up and have some painty fun!

So, a few people joined the group and I suggested we meet at a pub local to where I lived. The people who said they’d come along were Jamie and Steph. I sat at a table, pint in hand and the MeetUp logo showing. Jamie came along and we chatted away over a drink. I remember saying to him that I saw no sign of Steph. He said he’d seen a girl arrive, order a drink at the bar, down it, not look around and then leave. We both wondered whether it had been her.

Steph and I met soon afterwards and the three of us became the core members of the group. Lots of us used to meet for exhibitions and shows, but mainly for drinks. It was brilliant, fun, and sociable.

I also met Steph’s husband Gav and Paul and I used to meet up with them loads. We would go to Victoria Market for food and the cleanskins wine shop for drink – the nights were always great!

Steph was present for a few important and noteworthy times of my TBI. I will talk about them in my next post…

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