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My friend Steph

Several times Steph featured in my TBI story, some important times!

I do not remember it (sorry Steph!) Steph and Gav visited me in hospital. Not even sure if they came while I was in a coma or when I was awake. On Paul’s birthday Steph was by my bedside. Apparently one of the nurses said “morning” to me as usual and I replied “morning” back. Steph didn’t know that that was my first spoken word since I’d woken up, but she soon found out once she mentioned it to my Mum!

At Christmas 2008, Steph and Gav invited Paul, myself and my parents around to their cool warehouse apartment for Christmas dinner – thanks so much for that guys it was brilliant, my Mum and Dad still talk about you!

Early in 2009 once home, I was trying to revert to my normal self before my TBI. There was a MeetUp outing for people to go to an exhibition. I remember turning up, meeting Steph and together buying large glasses of red wine – our usual tipple. I’ll now go over to what Steph remembers. Apparently as I was talking, I started swaying and leaning over - trying my best to keep my glass of wine upright and not spilling. Steph grabbed my wine and I collapsed into my first epileptic fit. I remember waking up on the floor with St Johns Ambulance helping me. Thanks for saving the wine Steph – though I don’t think I ever drank it!

As I was saying, I was eager to continue my social life after my head injury - I loved seeing my friends out and about. Steph organised her birthday in a restaurant with great food, plenty of flowing wine and brilliant chat around the table! I remember drinking lots and certainly didn’t monitor how much; my glass was refilled as soon as I put a dent in it. I could feel myself getting more and more drunk until Paul suggested we go home. I wasn’t keen at all, everyone was still out and enjoying themselves. But Paul insisted. It wasn’t until we left, that I realised I was struggling to walk as I was so pissed. You know, it’s not until recently that I found out that people who survived a brain injury become more susceptible to alcohol and are advised to drink less than usual. I think it’s safe to say that that wasn’t the case for me…sorry about that Steph!!

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