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New job combined with travelling...

From around 1998 to 2007, Paul and I used to travel as much as we could. We'd save up all our holidays and take it all in one month. We'd pack our ruckies and get on the plane!

For me, India was the most rewarding country - the colours, the heat, the animals, the culture, the week living in our room due to upset tummies -couldn't beat it!So we decided it'd be great to work abroad and set ourselves up in another country for a while. We thought about where the best places in the world would be - I admit it, most of the places spoke English...

For three years I scoured Nature and New Scientist websites for jobs in academia.

- Nothing -

Until I was offered two jobs on the same day - one at Columbia Uni, New York and the other in Melbourne Uni.

I had a weekend to decide and by god, it was one hell of a decision to make. There were many factors of course. One of them being - how important is my career in my life? If it's vitally important then it's obvious where I should decide to go - the US. But is there more to life than that? Plus, what does Paul think?

On the Sunday I was on a bus coming back from visiting my friend Alex in Edinburgh. I suddenly had a bolt out of the blue. There's no decision to make here is there??! 🦘

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