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Our travelling passion I was saying, Paul and I used to travel as much as we could. We used to save up all our holidays and take it all in one month. We'd pack our ruckies and get on the plane!

For me, India was the most rewarding country - the colours, the heat, the animals, the culture, the week living in our room due to upset tummies -couldn't beat it!

We decided that it'd be great to work abroad and set ourselves up in another country for a while. So, for three years I applied for jobs in academia all over the world. Nothing. Until I was offered two jobs on the same day - one in New York and the other in Melbourne.

On our way to Melbourne, we stopped for a week in Hong Kong to minimise the jet lag as I started my job as soon as I got there!

In August 2008 we went to Borneo from Melbourne for our holidays - what a beautiful place. It was a mere few weeks before my injury.

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