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Prime Minister?!

I had a thought lying in bed last night, it's just what happens...

...the night I fell, one of my friends knelt down, put my head in her lap and talked to me, to keep me from passing out.

At the time she was a PhD student in our department. She's a Cockney and it was great to talk to her about home and to hear the familiar accent!

Anyway, she told me afterwards about our chat on that concrete floor. Between my prolific throwing up of red wine I'd been drinking, we talked about life. I can't remember the conversation, but I assume it was the normal basics. Followed by this...

N - so who's our Prime Minister at the moment Lucy?

L - ach Tony Blair, I fucking hate that guy. He should never have gone into Iraq, he didn't ask us did he, he just went on in. He followed the US didn't he. Why do we always do what they do? We're like a bloody toddler following their mum aren't we?

N - erm, well yeah, but can I just ask you again. Thinking about it, who's our Prime Minister right now?

L - Stupid guy. You know I liked him at the beginning. Getting a Labour man in after all those Tories, finally Labour gets in...

N - OK we'll move onto the next question...!

Gordon Brown. Am I the only person who thinks he's kind of a bit forgettable?! I've just looked up when he was in office, and it was June 2007 - April 2010. So, I was in Australia for the whole time - but that's no excuse is it?!

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