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Routine, routine, routine

Oh and another thing. I remember while Paul and I were driving along in the car, I remember asking him if there was anything that annoys him about me since my TBI...why do I ask these questions?!

He said yes. He said, when we go to Morrisons for our weekly shop, where do I go? I told him exactly where we go in terms of aisles, direction, where we don't go, where we don't go. He then asked me what happens when he changes that? I told him. I get shirty with him. I get grumpy. I get angry.

As my clinical psychologist used to talk to me about back then, brain injury survivors order their lives with planning and routine. They're then quite inflexible about changing that. Nicola got that absolutely right in my case, I was never keen on people getting a look in. Poor Paul, sorry mate!

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