• Lucy O'Donovan

Showing my work in the capital!

I've just found out that one of my canvases has been picked for an exhibition in Edinburgh in March 2020. The work is Rehab and it'll be appearing in SELF at the Dundas Street Gallery https://www.theartistspool.co.uk/self-dundas-street-gallery

I started doing art therapy after my severe brain injury in September 2008 at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre just outside Melbourne. My therapist suggested I did a self portrait from a recent photo, and I found one showing short hair at the front of my head. This is where the front of my skull was surgically removed to allow swelling immediately after the injury and then put back.

I did this painting on bare canvas over a few hourly sittings and I initially hid it away. I found it inaccurate, child like and a stark reminder of what had happened to me that single second when I fell. But over time I've started to realise its importance. It's the first time I lifted a brush after the injury. I've also had people say that those eyes speak volumes by the way they look back at you - large, unblinking and unapologetic.

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