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Sister 1

This has been coming back into my head repeatedly lately so I thought I’d write on here about it. One of the huge changes in my life since my TBI which brings me constant pain and sadness……

my sister

I’ll start at the beginning. She’s three years older than me and we grew up together in Liverpool. As we grew we shared many important things in common. We both loved making art, we both loved science, we both went to an all-girls private school and of course we grew up in the same family. She introduced me to new things - drinking, boys and well, being independent!

We did a lot of art. She like me, painted but she also enjoyed other creativity – pottery, jewellery and giving me advice about my canvases, which I really appreciated.

We had a laugh. All the time. I remember when she came up to visit us, Paul saying he was heading off to bed as he didn’t know what we were laughing about – I think he was a bit tired of our hilarity!

She worried. A lot. I remember her lying on her bed really upset, saying she had failed her Chemistry A level. She was wrong, she got all As and went to Cambridge Uni.

At around this point her mental health deteriorated. It was classed as depression, though at times there was psychosis. I remember she was driving us somewhere and said to me “I’m going to drive us both straight into a wall and kill us both”. I was petrified.

But we pulled together during the bad times for both of us. There were times in my life when she was the first person I phoned when I had a problem. She never failed to help me.Then it all changed 9th September 2008…

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