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South Australia

OK. Shortly after my first epileptic fit when I collapsed while trying to keep my glass of wine upright (!), Paul and I took a trip to South Australia. When I fell, I'd broken my pelvis in two places, so was given a wheelchair and a crutch.

We travelled Jetstar, which is the equivalent of EasyJet in the UK. Being in the wheelchair we got special treatment - well we were seated first before anyone else anyway!

Hiring a car we then drove around looking at the coast. But spent most, if not all our time visiting one wine tasting house after another. Tasty.

These places tend to have restaurants where you can taste their wines with the food you order. Now I had a tendency to be a bit funny about my food after my TBI. But we sat down and ordered. It came. I looked down at the beautifully arranged food on my plate and suddenly felt a bit queasy. I quietly and without warning, was sick onto my plate. On top of my delivered food. "I've just been sick Paul" I said. He took one look at my plate then calmly got up.

He told the waiter that unfortunately we need to go, but thank you.

We rapidly exited before my plate was discovered. I felt really naughty!

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