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Straight facts continued...

The facts. I'll write them down - it's what happened, no matter how much I wish it hadn't.

The back of my head hit concrete. That made my brain hit the front of my skull really hard, causing brain damage and bleeding at the front of my brain (frontal lobes).

When I made no sense when trying to talk to Paul, that was bad, very bad. It meant the bleeding and swelling of my brain was pressing against my skull and would lead to catastrophic brain damage. Unless the doctors acted quickly.

I was wheeled straight into theatre and the front of my skull was taken away to allow the brain to swell as it needed. My head swelled and when it had moved back, my skull was put back. At this point an artificial ventilator was fitted to control my breathing. I was then put into a medically induced coma.

After three weeks, the drugs were withdrawn to wake me up, but I didn't. Obviously, this was not good. I was given a full medical examination and they found that when I fell, I'd inhaled some fluid into my lungs and there was a large abscess. When that was drained, I finally woke.

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