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I was brought up when I was young, with an elder sister. She led the way by hitting the stages of development first, but she also inspired me...
When we were young, we shared some basic things in common. At school we both leaned towards the sciences rather than arts. In our spare time, we enjoyed drawing and painting. In general, we were fascinated by the natural world.

As we grew older, we moved into separate directions - she went to Cambridge to explore natural sciences while I went to Glasgow to be a vet.

I used to visit her in Cambridge and with me being three years younger, I found it exciting and grown up. Freedom, independence, hey I could even drink alcohol! I noticed a creativeness developing in my sister - she used to make random and inspired arrangements on her walls: tickets, postcards, flyers, drawings. I also watched her develop her look when it came to clothes too and blatantly copied at times.

Once she graduated she moved to London and had a series of science related jobs. But found it stressful and experienced anxiety. At this point she started to make things. Jewellery. 
She began by making pieces for friends, who encouraged her to make more to sell. I remember her hoping that a local shop would stock her work to sell - that was of course a big step.

Eventually she started using silver clay and bought a kiln in her house to harden it to metal. A website, an Etsy site and in time she used to bring in a good salary while following her passion!

She has now published several books promoting her beliefs that walking in nature can relieve stress, mental illness and anxiety. She has appeared in several tv programmes talking about that message too.
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