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23-12-12 001.jpg

CraigieJoe, 2012, 0.8m x 0.6

£800 for framed original

For prints, contact me for prices

When I had my brain injury in 2008, I damaged to my eyes and it was suggested I could no longer paint. When I again lifted my brush I wanted to prove to myself I *could* still do so, so I produced photorealistic works for several years. For me, painting is describing what I see in front of me, but is also adding something of myself too.


I felt that copying a photo was maybe lacking a little - was I being too rigid and structured?


One day a friend of mine asked whether I'd do a nude of him as he was turning 50? I picked the photo, prepared colours and grabbed a handful of big brushes...and let myself go! 

Once I'd finished it, it was the first time I'd added myself to a picture and it meant a lot to me. I ended up painting in that way and I found it hugely rewarding...

Press + or - to look more closely at the painting 
Click on the painting and move it around

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