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Rehab, 2009, 0.5m x 0.4m 

£500 for framed original

For prints, contact me for prices

This is the first time I lifted a brush after my severe traumatic brain injury that happened in September 2008. I was at art therapy during rehabilitation and my therapist told me to pick a photo of myself after my head injury. I picked a shot showing how my hair had been shaved at the front of my skull and was regrowing. Part of my skull had been temporarily removed due to swelling, then replaced. I finished this canvas after six hourly sessions. It means a huge amount to me as it was it my first step into painting again. Though for a good few years after my injury, I found it hard to look at as it reminded me of the severity of my situation. But I'm more comfortable with it now, thankfully.

Press + or - to look more closely at the painting 
Click on the painting and move it around

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