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Ahem, toilet

OK. I just need to write this so I can release it from deep inside my brain...

When I was taken to hospital and rushed into surgery, I was left on a drip and with a catheter. So liquid was flowing into me and out of me, controlled by the nurses.

However, the solid side of things was not quite the same! I'd eaten food that day and yes, I'd thrown up a lot, but my system was going to go through the usual process.

My husband has told me that occasionally the natural process of erm, pooing would happen. The nurses would come and deal with it in a normal way and off they'd go.

Now then, I have no problem whatsoever with my husband seeing that, my mum seeing that and my dad seeing that. But what I've wondered (and have tried not to think about), is, did that happen when I had visitors? I've taken that thought and buried it deep inside me. Best not to think about it and it'll go away eh?!

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