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One night at Talbot...

Something that stayed in my mind from that week at Talbot was one evening. When I look back at my memory of it, it stems from something I didn't realise at the time. When I had my TBI my weight was approximately 13 and a half stone. The day I left the hospital I was weighed at 9 stone and 3 pounds, which for my height at 5ft 9in is pretty underweight.

One night at Talbot I read until my head started to loll and I went to sleep. I awoke in the night to go to the toilet, so I left my room, went to the toilet then came back and sat on my bed. I felt really hot and stuffy, except for one part of my body, my bare feet on the lino floor.

I had a good idea. I would lie on the nice cool floor and it would feel good. So I got off my bed and lay down.

It was lovely, as the parts of my body touching the floor were almost sucking that hotness out of me. After a couple of hours I felt much better. So I tried to get up and get back into bed...

...but I couldn't

So I had to stay there for the rest of the night. I of course, kept losing heat until I became cold and started to shiver. It wasn't until the morning when a nurse was doing her rounds, when she helped me back into bed. I still can't believe I was so weak that I couldn't sit up from the horizontal...

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