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The weaning days of my little lad!

I've spent all weekend thinking about this so I thought I'd write.

As Jack grew up from being a little armful needing fed, nappy changed and washed, into a chatty and happy little mini-me of daddy, he was a pleasure to be around. But when it came to weaning time, we saw a different side to the lad. He pulled faces I'd never ever seen before on anyone. And kicked up an amazing fuss about it all. The very idea of mushed up banana was clearly a crime I should never commit on my boy!

There are times when he would cry and scream so much that I'd have to freeze, close my eyes and try to calm my head down from the panic and feeling that I couldn't deal with it.

On the whole, my sensitivity to noise had settled, but my charming little boy was always the perfect trigger!

I remember several times when Paul would walk into this scenario and firmly, over the ruckus say to me "go into the living room". I would obey and stand in silence for a few minutes trying to collect myself.

By the time I went back into the kitchen, Paul had always quietened our boy and they were happily getting the job done. I can't thank him enough for helping me out when I really needed it due to my TBI X

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