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It's taken 15 years, but OK I'll stop

I've been drawing a blank lately so haven't been posting - let's not force this eh?

But here's a development. Since my sister and I fell out soon after I returned home from Australia, she's been telling me to stop making any contact with her.

But I didn't. I've always thought I could change things.

Change her opinion of me.

Make her see that the things she thinks I've done to her are not true.

That I care about her.

My friends have been saying to me that I should stop communicating with her. That it would be doing as she's requested, but also that I will be less hurt and upset. That I'll be less frustrated.It was my sister's birthday yesterday and I sent her a card. I wrote inside that after 15 years I will stop communication apart from Christmas and birthday cards.

That although she has blocked me from all social media, that I have made up new addresses in order to see her updates. But that I will delete these addresses so that will stop.

But saying that, if she wants to contact ^me^ then I will of course reply to her.

So I have yet to delete those addresses but I'm going to go and do that now...

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