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Michael Schumacher

Whenever I mention my TBI to people now, it always shocks me when they have a "friend" or "relative" who bumped their head in some way. But the one I always think of, is Michael Schumacher. That's because the description of what happened to him sounds unnervingly familiar.

Brutal honesty here, when I was scrolling through to find a photo of him - it was almost impossible to find a shot of him when he wasn't smiling and celebrating. That's because before 29 December 2013, he was the best Formula 1 driver there has ever been.

He was wearing a helmet on the slopes. If he hadn't, it would have been instant death.

It's perhaps unfair of me to make comparisons, but he went straight into surgery then put into a medically induced coma. Where we hugely differ though, is that I woke up after 3 weeks - he became slightly more conscious after 4 months.

Very little information has been released about him recently, other than he is paralysed, in a wheelchair and is no longer able to speak. The fact that so little is said about him, says to me that he is not the man that he once was.

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