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The straight facts

Right, I just need to write down the facts of what happened before I add the feelings to it. I don't remember anything about it, I've just put it together from people who were there.

On 11th September 2008 I ended up in a bar in Melbourne's CBD with a few of my workmates.

I went to an outside bit with my Honours student for a smoke. He stubbed out and went back in while I finished.

I walked in, past the bar and started down a flight of stairs to an area where everyone was.

I fell down the flight of stairs and the back of my head hit the concrete floor.

I was then taken to St Vincents Hospital, where my Honours student phoned Paul who came to the hospital.

Apparently, I was in a foetal position on the gurney and didn't like nurses checking me as I was so sore. I then asked Paul if I could go to the toilet.

He took me with his arms holding up my shoulders. On the way back I started talking to him with animation. But what I said was not comprehensible, I was talking nonsense.

He helped me back to my bed and told a passing nurse what had happened. Paul tells me that the response was like a scene out of ER. Doctors ran in out of nowhere, along with nurses and helpers. He was shocked. He slowly backed out of the room, backed out of the ward, backed out of the building...

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