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Will she receive her birthday present?

Haven't written on here for a while - been busy.

Tomorrow it's my niece's 16th birthday. A bit of a landmark. I haven't been allowed to see her since she was 18 months old. My sister's wishes of course.

I'm usually only allowed to send my nieces a card with a gift voucher inside. When I've last sent a anything material, my sister has taken them to their charity shop. Thanks for that.

My niece will get the voucher as usual, but I wanted to send her something. A parcel.

Paul and I travelled Cuba on a shoestring in 2005. What a country. No Coca Cola, no Starbucks, nothing from the US due to the embargo. How refreshing!

We went diving at a beach in the middle of nowhere. The beach was the most beautiful place I've ever been - shells, coral, hermit crabs, seaweed, sand...

So I've sent her photos of our travelling, tiny shells, coral pendants I made.

But will she be allowed to receive our present by her mother??

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