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Gastric sleeve surgery

So. I felt as though there was no hope.

I had heard of course, that you could have bariatric surgery, but it felt completely out of my league. Only facelift/breast enlargement people get that kind of thing.

But I heard you could get it a gastric sleeve op on the NHS. Where they'd remove 80% of your stomach so that you get more full more quickly.

I saw online straight away that I was too old to get it done on the NHS. Plus even though I had sleep apnoea it hadn't been diagnosed officially. So, nope.

Paul said that if we took money off the mortgage I could get it done privately. Really, really? No. I didn't believe it could happen, even up to the op date - 30/9/23.

I woke up from the anaesthetic in agony and they quickly gave me painkillers. That something had been done made me so grateful that I didn't care how sore I was.

Until then I was taking 24 pills a day for my TBI. But it all had to be either in liquid form, or crushed and swallowed. My GABApentin for sciatica ground up, was fucking vile. But down it went...

My post-op diet was liquid only - then soup - then scrambled egg and harder texture until normal food.

I have now lost 5st 6lbs since then, 24% of my body weight. I almost can't put into words the difference it's made. I'll write more in my next post, but I'll say one thing now.

It made me realise one word still existed in my life which I thought no longer existed.


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