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Horrified look...?

Seeing as I'm talking about my sensitivity to noise just now, I'll mention this, which I still have memories about in the shop 13 years later...

It's our weekly shop in Morrisons again and we're at the totting up and paying stage. So Paul and I were putting our shopping on the conveyer belt. I heard a really loud shriek/yell/scream from close by, looked over and there was a little girl in a pushchair who was protesting to her mum.

When her mum saw me look over she took a few steps towards me and yelled

"what's yer problem? You got a problem with my girl? What did she ever do to you? What's yer fuckin' problem eh??"

I answered

"oh sorry no, I just heard her yell and looked over, got no problem with you..."

"yeah yer do, I can see yer do. You wanna have me do yer, yeah? Come on then"

"no, no I just got a shock that's all"

She started wandering out, pushing the pushchair - I was so relieved. After we'd paid and were leaving the shop, we saw the girl had waited for us. As we walked towards our car, she followed us...

"yeah, yer wanna fight then eh, what yer waiting for?"

As we approached the car, our two dogs saw us and stood up

"oh and yer got vicious dogs too 'ave yer eh..."

Paul said, getting his phone out of his pocket

"just go away and leave us alone alright? If you don't, then we're going to phone someone..."

She left.

I felt physically sick. Once I'd calmed down I could only think that the look on my face must have been horrific. Or that she had a screw loose and was looking to take it out on somebody. Me.

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