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When I was in Australia, I worked hard, painted hard, met my pals and ate well with amazing Thai, Vietnamese and Malaysian restaurants. I was also cycling eight miles a day into and out of the lab where I was researching.

I didn’t even think about my weight, even though I’ve always been a little chubby in life. To be honest I had more important, happy things to think about!

I am tall, 5 foot nine inches, and was around thirteen and a half stone when I lived in Glasgow. Living in Australia I was around 12 and a half stone…

After I had my brain injury I stayed in the hospital for three months, eating hospital food when I was conscious. I slept most of the time which I can now see, was my body healing inside.

When I was released from hospital Christmas 2007, I weighed in as 9 stone 3 pounds. Pretty obvious from the photos, eh?!

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