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My weight 2...

So. When I was released from hospital I lived at home with Paul and my parents. My Mum fed me. And fed me and fed me tasty food I loved.

When they flew home, I stayed in bed while Paul went to work. I was encouraged to walk around. So, I did, I visited shops on Smith Street and Brunswick Street to buy chocolate. Which I went home and ate.

In September 2009 we travelled eight countries in Africa before we went back to the UK. I distinctly remember drinking a lot of local beer and eating many a steak at the lodges we kipped down in.

What amazes me now is that my weight didn’t even enter my head in the way it used to. It is almost as though I didn’t have that part in my brain. No questioning, no discipline, no control. I stopped only when my tummy was full.

It wasn’t until I was back in the UK in early 2010 that I realised I’d gained weight. It was a hell of a shock!

I knew I needed to lose so of course spoke to my Mum. Now then, she’s tried many commercial diets, but one found that one of them genuinely worked for her

Slimming World

So, I joined the local group in Partick in Glasgow. The meetings were in a multistorey block of flats, Wednesday evenings.

The first time I went and got weighed, I was wearing my usual boots – steel tipped Blundstones. What on earth was I thinking?!

When I left hospital, I was 9st 7lbs

On the scales that night I was 16st 7lbs




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