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Off we fly to Melbourne!

When I worked on schizophrenia in Glasgow, most of the workers were experienced postdocs, working on slightly different areas. We worked together to research and answer outstanding questions being asked by our Japanese company.

When I walked into the Neuropharmacology Lab at Melbourne Uni in June 2007, it was a different set up, as of the people working in the lab I was the only postdoc. Others were research associates PhD students and undergraduates. This gave me more responsibility than I’d been used to, but I learned new skills and I enjoyed it.

I kept a close eye on stocking the lab with chemicals and kits, and thought about how the others could help – by putting a system in place. Also, I became involved in the Honours system that happens in Australia. Students must work in a lab in their final year running a practical project, write it up and do a talk on it.

In 2008 I became the sole supervisor of an Honours student which was brilliant. It involved teaching techniques in the lab using simple terms to get the message across, which I really loved!

I was fascinated with my own work, looking into the genes potentially involved in brain injury and I wish I could have completed my project, rather than suffering with my own brain injury…

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