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Sad about my weight

I've been putting this post off for a while, so finally here we are.The way I felt due to my weight

My self esteem was directly related to my weight. The higher my weight became, the lower my esteem.

I stopped looking at myself in the mirror.


I wore the same baggy, shapeless clothes all of the time.

I rarely went out, I didn't really want to.

The worse I felt, the more I ordered chocolate and ice cream, the bigger I became.

I needed a job, but my weight ruled out virtually all of the opportunities. Which lowered my esteem still further.

My weight adversely effected my relationship with my husband.

I waited every day for my boy to comment on my weight compared to other Mums at the school gate. But that didn't happen.

Then a suggestion was made. One I didn't think could, and would happen...

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