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Sister 3

Since I made these posts on my sister, I’ve struggled to think of anything else. For more than 15 years I have kept quiet, to allow my sister to develop her persona online and her career.

A few years ago, she accused me of “trolling” her. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when I looked it up, she was clearly wrong. The closest I’ve got to that is to open a new Twitter account which she hasn’t blocked. Under that account I am able to look at her updates, but I don’t even press “like” using it.

Yesterday I had a heated discussion with my husband…

“can I tell you what I feel like doing?”

“uh huh”

“I want to write how I feel about my sister on Twitter – “she’s like this” “she’s like that” “this is how she’s treating me”

”“and you want her to read it…”

“no I don’t”

“you want comments and likes”

“not at all”

“then what’s your point?”

“I want to get it off my chest, just say it. Out there”

“you won’t gain anything from doing that and it will come back and get you”

“but the posts I just made on Instagram have made me feel better…”

“then post another one”

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